Year: 2019

Alcohol Rehab Guide

First Responders and Alcohol Abuse, and how to seek the proper treatment



Sheriff Officer Danny Rivera of New Jersey, is a shining example of what it means to work for and with his community. He has been on the job 14 years, becoming a police officer was a way for him to provide stability for his family. However, it also put him in a great position to help others.

Donna Brown: Behind and Beyond the Badge

We feel so grateful every single day for the incredible people we connect with via Blue Love. One such person is Donna Brown, a retired LEO with over 26 years of experience. Donna is the Author of the published book series called Behind and Beyond the Badge, to give insight into the lives of law […]


We got a chance to talk to Nick Wilson, a retired police officer and creator of The Resiliency Project (Instagram handle: @the_resiliencyproject). Nick shared with us his story, background and why he created this project. Enjoy this powerful read.


New York politicians are moving toward a plan to eliminate cash bail in 2020. This means that most criminals will be released after their arraingment. John Miller of the “Cats Roundtable Radio show” said “Everybody who gets arrested for anything except for maybe murder and attempted murder is going to be released without having to […]

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