Five Ways to Show Your Support for Law Enforcement

It’s easy to take law enforcement officers for granted because we know they will always be there when we need them. It’s literally a phone call away and a police officer will be where you need them to be to help you. But, how do we show our appreciation for their protection and service as a community and as individuals? We have some ideas so we can say we support them and back it up with action.

  1. Simply Say Thank You: It sounds so simple, but it has tremendous power. If you see a police officer, say thank you. You can say “thank you for all you do” or “thank you for keeping us safe”. We highly encourage parents and caregivers to have their children interact with the police in this way. Not only does it instill early that the police are here for our protection, it can also provide a bright spot in a stressful day. You never know how much impact you can have with a simple “thank you.”
  2. Have a Pizza Party: Sounds fun, right? Providing our LEOs with some food at the station is always welcomed and appreciated. Whether you drop off pizza, baked goods or anything in between, it’s nice for our officers and the station staff to have a pleasant interaction and some delicious food. We encourage individuals to do this but also local restaurants and small businesses.
  3. Let Them Do Their Jobs: Whether it’s pulling someone over for speeding, traffic control or making an arrest, civilians need to let the police do their jobs. There is no need for people to break out their phones and record anything and everything that can lead to putting LEOs in danger or impede an investigation. Steer clear and let them handle any situation. And, for traffic, be patient. The police are doing their best to keep people safe, keep workers safe and guide in the most efficient manner.
  4. Report Good Interactions: People are quick to contact a manager, supervisor or boss when something negative happens but how many report positive interactions? If you have a positive interaction with someone in law enforcement, call or email or post on your social media channels. Police chiefs and other leaders love hearing about how their teams are doing good for the community so let’s let them know about it!
  5. Obey the Law: Again, simple. But the best way to support law enforcement is to obey the law and be a good citizen. Police officers want one thing each shift: TO GO HOME SAFELY. We can help them by simply following the laws set in place that keep us safe. It’s really that easy.

If you are an LEO, what other ideas would help you know you are supported? If you are a civilian, what other ways can we show support or what have you/your community done?

Thank you for your support!

I am a native Rhode Islander who is a wife, mother, sister, daughter and proud supporter of Blue Lives. My brother has been a police officer for the past 20+years and while he loves his job, the reality of it is, today's world is scary, times have changed and there is a continuous lack of respect for law enforcement. I am passionate about raising awareness on suicide prevention and mental health stigmas for police officers and first responder all over the country. I believe the more people talk about mental health, the less taboo it will be, espeically for the protectors.

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