New York politicians are moving toward a plan to eliminate cash bail in 2020. This means that most criminals will be released after their arraingment. John Miller of the “Cats Roundtable Radio show” said “Everybody who gets arrested for anything except for maybe murder and attempted murder is going to be released without having to pay any bail, right at arraignment.” What exactly does this mean? All it shows is that it will keep criminals out of jail while waiting for trial and I personally believe crime rates will sky rocket since there is no fear of going to jail, repeat offenders will continue to offend with no consequences. The bill will require police officers to issue appearance tickets for most minor offenses.

the law provides more options for ensuring their attendance at court dates, such as text alerts or supervision by a pre-trial services agency. Skipping out on a court date won’t automatically earn the defendant a warrant for arrest – the new law gives the benefit of the doubt, and most defendants will get a 48 hour window to appear in court voluntarily. Some defendants will still be watched closely pre-trial though, as the new law allows for wearable electronic monitoring in certain cases. That, and all other provisions of the law, will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020.

Many states are moving or have moved in this direction already. Alaska for example voted in favor of this type of reform law back in 2016 though it didn’t go into effect until January of 2018. According to “The” a “risk assessment” is completed by asking a few questions which leads to a determination of “risk” as to whether or not that particular person will be set free. Here are my questions/thoughts on the risk assessment: 1) the determination of bail/no bail is under the discretion of the given judge which would still lead to biases, rendering this reform useless 2) why would anyone think the answers given are truthful? Do you believe that a person who has just been arrested will admit to recently using drugs? Do you think they would admit their plans to flee and not appear in court?

In my opinion, the supporters of this reform live in a unicorn and rainbow bubble. Thinking that all criminals will take advantage of not having to go to jail. They will be able to continue working, supporting their families and getting their lives straightened out until they appear in court. Are you kidding me? Do you think all of a sudden they will be law abiding citizens? Do you think they would never skip town and be a no-show in court? You belive they will not commit a crime while they are out?

When will we start holding people accountable for their actions? We live with a justice system that lets rapest walk free or serve minimal sentencing and are released back into society to re-offend. Where idiots who shoot at police officers are overlooked and society is more offended by the officer who shot back to save his own life. We have cities that are so overrun with criminals that they rule the streets, the police are outnumbered. Does letting people walk free really sound safe to you?

I am a native Rhode Islander who is a wife, mother, sister, daughter and proud supporter of Blue Lives. My brother has been a police officer for the past 20+years and while he loves his job, the reality of it is, today's world is scary, times have changed and there is a continuous lack of respect for law enforcement. I am passionate about raising awareness on suicide prevention and mental health stigmas for police officers and first responder all over the country. I believe the more people talk about mental health, the less taboo it will be, espeically for the protectors.

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