Mental Health Check-In with Officer Jason R. Lacayo


One part of our mission is to bring awareness to mental health and how important it is for LEOs. We talked to Officer Jason R. Lacayo from White Plains, NY, who inspires others everyday with words of wisdom and tips to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy.

Officer Lacayo came from a family of law enforcement, so it came naturally for him to pursue this career path. He also wanted to help his community and change the narrative a bit and he has certainly made his mark! In addition to 14 years of law enforcement experience, he continually reminds his Instagram followers about gratitude, focus and health.

“Mental health is so important because so many officers struggle but are scared to speak about it. The suicide rate of police officers across the country is high so it’s only right that I shed light on this serious situation,” Lacayo shares. “We are exposed to things humans can’t naturally process so I’d like to extend my hand and help.”

When asked his advice for maintaining mental clarity and health, he relies on meditation and prayer. A strong spiritual foundation and focus, in mind and body, helps all officers.

While Lacayo has not personally dealt with PTSD or anxiety/depression, he has seen friends and family go through tough times and it’s heartbreaking. “I started researching and doing my homework; many of us have forms of mental issues but it’s how we process the hurt and what we are doing to become better that will make the difference.”

Editor’s Note: One of our favorite messages from Officer Lacayo’s Instagram stories is his emphasis on gratitude and not taking a day for granted. You can see more of his content on his Instagram page.

I am a native Rhode Islander who is a wife, mother, sister, daughter and proud supporter of Blue Lives. My brother has been a police officer for the past 20+years and while he loves his job, the reality of it is, today's world is scary, times have changed and there is a continuous lack of respect for law enforcement. I am passionate about raising awareness on suicide prevention and mental health stigmas for police officers and first responder all over the country. I believe the more people talk about mental health, the less taboo it will be, espeically for the protectors.

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