Blue Love Events



April 4, 2020: Blue Love is working on permits to hold a “Blue Love 4 Cops” (peaceful) rally in Manhatten. Our goal is not to disturb the peace but to show our unwavering support for NY LEO’s who are under constant attack. This is the time to take action and show them all we are stronger together. Check back often for updates on this event. Preliminary stages!

5/02/2020: We will be hosting our First Annual BACK THE BLUE 5K on May 2, 2020. Colt State Park in historic Bristol, RI will be a perfect spot for to enjoy a run right by the water and through this picturesque park. Race time begins at 9:00AM. Check back here for more updates!

05/13 – 05/16/2020: Blue Love will be attending our first Police Week 2020 in Washington, D.C. We are honored to be able to attend this event as we show our love and respect for our fall officers. Heroes never die and we will ensure their legacy lives on.

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