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Who are we? We are civilians who support the “Blue” fiercely and deeply. We are best friends from Rhode Island whose roles in life are multifaceted. Both of us are wives, mothers and working professionals. Becky is a communications professional and writer and Heather is a social worker and sibling of an LEO.

We are tired of the anti-police rhetoric in communities across the country and in all media/social media contents. IT IS TIME TO ACT AND BACK THE BLUE. We also honor and respect other First Responders and our Military and Veterans as well. Suicide rates amongst these groups are at their highest yet and are still climbing. They struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSI and so many other diagnoses that they are reluctant to seek help for. It is our job to tell them THEY ARE NOT ALONE. It is time to bridge the gap between our communities and Law Enforcement. We need to do our part and support our protectors. THIS is our duty.

Blue Love: Off the Cuffs is born of love and support for the LEO’s who risk their lives daily to keep us safe. You will see Blue Love: Off the Cuffs not only this website but social media outlets, as well as an upcoming Podcast. We will talk about humanizing the badge, provide you with first hand interviews with officers, their families and mental health professionals.

Blue Love isn’t just a hashtag; it’s time we live it. Please join us.

If you would like to share your own story, provide information or have any questions , we welcome your input! Send us an email or find us on social media.


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