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Five Ways to Show Your Support for Law Enforcement

It’s easy to take law enforcement officers for granted because we know they will always be there when we need them. It’s literally a phone call away and a police officer will be where you need them to be to help you. But, how do we show our appreciation for their protection and service as […]



So often the focus of police work revolves around the bad stuff that goes on. How often does the news/media pay attention to the good things Police Officers do throughout the country? Hardly ever! So WE will do that for you below. Note that this is such a miniscule glimpse into their good deeds.  Let […]


See that number? Not too big right? What if I told you this is the current number of police officer suicides to date in 2019 in the US? Remember this number is fluid, always increasing and these are just the suicides that are reported to organizations such as https://bluehelp.org/ . 127 families are without their […]

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